China EV100 Forum 2020

Participation Notice

1. Each pass corresponds to different privileges;
2. If you have an invitation code, please check and select the corresponding pass channel.
Invitation code starts with “VIP” is [invited] Three-day pass for VIP
Invitation code starts with “JB” is [invited] Three-day pass for guest
Invitation code starts with “CH” is [invited] Two-day pass for participant
Invitation code starts with “SQ” is [invited] One-day pass on 10th
Invitation code starts with “XY” is [invited] One-day pass on 12th
Invitation code starts with “MT” is [invited] Three-day pass for media
3. This forum adopts real name participation system. Please fill in the registration information truthfully so as to complete the registration.
4. Badge pickup method:
(1) Express delivery
Express delivery can be selected if you register before December 27th. Badge will not be provided once again on site if it has been sent by express delivery.
(2) Pick up on site
On January 2-8, please go to the reception desk on the 17th Floor, Block A, Science and Technology Building, Tsinghua Science and Technology Park, Haidian District, Beijing.
On January 9, please go to the hall on the first floor of Diaoyutai Hotel.
5. If you need refund, please contact customer service staff to submit the application before December 31th; otherwise, no refund will be reimbursed. 10% of ticket price will be deducted as service charges.
6. The invoice will be issued and sent to you before March 31th, 2020. Please fill in the email address and receiving information correctly.
II.Participation Certificate:
Participation certificateissued by the Organizing Committee of China EV100 Forum 2020 is the only certificate to enter and leave Diaoyutai State Guesthouse and each venue. It bears personal name and identity information,and it is only for your personal use. Please keep it properly and take it throughout the meeting.
Participants are required to walk in from the North Gate of Diaoyutai State Guesthouse withpersonalID and official participation certificate. Security checks must be supported actively. The Organizing Committee will arrange shuttling buses at the North Gate for easy entry. Participants with a red car passcan drive to the venue from the East Gate, and those with a blue car pass please enter from the North Gate.
The forum will be staged atFanghuaGarden Villa 14,FangfeiGarden Villa 17,Triumph Hall Villa 5 and Club Villa in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.Please read the Agendain advance so that you can attend the meeting at the corresponding venue.
V.Hotel and ShuttlingBus:
On January 10-12,shuttling buses will be available at the gate ofDiaoyutaiHotel, The Presidential Beijing, Guo Hong Hotel,Tangla Hotel Beijing and Xiyuan Hotel.Participants with participation certificate can take the bus to the venue.
VI.Easy Entry:
Security checks will be arranged atthe North Gate of Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. To avoid queuing, guests who plan to walk can go to the said hotels and take a shuttle bus to the venue.
VII. Pass Privileges:
Due to the limited venue capacity and the large number of participants, please be clear about your privileges and enter the venue in advance with participation certificate. The corresponding privileges of each participation certificate are listed as follows:

VIII.Closed-door Meeting:
The following meetings are for invited only: Meeting of China EV100 Committee Members, High-level Dialogue Mechanism on Global Zero Emission and Intelligent Transportation: Kick-off Meeting and the 1st Dialogue Seminar, Seminar on ICV Development, Global EV Development and Policy Roundtable Meeting, Wine Party on New Energy Vehicle Investment and Financing.

Organizing Committee of China EV100 Forum 2020
January, 2020